Cairns Myna Menace
Welcome to Cairns Remove Indian Mynas Campaign
Who are we?

Cairns Remove Indian Mynas Inc (CNSRIM) is a community group organisation formed in November 2011 to reduce the impact of this exotic invader on our native birds and animals. It is partnered in its work by the Cairns Men's Shed, which has been manufacturing and selling Myna bird traps to the general public since 2011. Men's Shed members have also caught and euthanized large numbers of the pest.

In recent years, Indian Myna numbers have grown dramatically across Cairns
and the Atherton Tablelands area. They have bred up around  inner city centres
and have moved in great numbers into new suburban areas. Their high
concentrations and wide spread colonies are causing serious damage to
Tropical North Queensland's native wildlife.

One of Cairns greatest attractions to both residents and visitors alike is our
colourful and varied native birdlife . However, this attraction is being diminished
before our very eyes by this territorial aggressive pest.

Indian Mynas:

1  Are one of the most invasive animal species in the world.
2  Take over nesting hollows, evicting birds and small mammals, and prey on nestlings.
3  Pose some small human health risk, and the nesting material they bring into roof cavities and other spaces in buildings can be a fire hazard.

Our Aim

The Cairns RIM campaign  has the aim of protecting our native birds and mammals from the threat posed by the Indian Myna or Common Myna (Acridotheres Tristis) in Cairns and the surrounding region.

How we work

The Group operates as a non-profit association of like-minded individuals who are interested in working, individually and/or collectively, in implementing an agreed strategy to tackle the Indian Myna problem in Cairns and the surrounding region. The Group keeps informed of developments via an email network and has a managing Committee. We work in cooperation with our local animal welfare organisation.

Our Strategy

We have three elements in our Strategy:

1  Increased public awareness that this bird is a serious environmental and health threat, not just a nuisance
2  Public education aimed at limiting the spread of the species by reducing its feeding and breeding opportunities.
3  A humane reduction program.

The Group recognizes that its endeavours are unlikely to totally eliminate Indian Mynas from the Cairns environment. However, with a concerted, coordinated and sustained effort, we believe a significant impact can be made on the Indian Myna population in the region, thereby helping to protect our native birds and small mammals.

To find out more about what we are doing and about the Cairns RIM Inc contact Ian Brauman on
0407 141 353 or by email at

To join Cairns RIM Inc and to participate in its activities, fill out the application form and forward it to the Secretary, at the address on the form.

Further information on Indian (Common) Mynas is available on many websites.

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